Saturday, February 20, 2010

To quote RST, it's gonna be a great day!

Started out with some highlights from the Olympics this morning: Amy Williams' gold in women's skeleton, which is big, big news here, of course, and Jon Montgomery's gold in the men's. Then we headed to town to get photos taken for our driver's licences; we're coming up to the end of our grace period for getting them switched over.

While we were waiting for the photos to be processed, we went on to Moss Books -- a favourite of mine, as regular readers know -- for a bit of browsing. Well, we had some great success, finding so many books that we had some difficulty carrying them home! Tea found a series of Jamie Oliver cookbooks, and I found a few William Golding titles, as well as a collection of stories by Graham Swift, a new favourite of mine after delving into Waterland this week.

Tea at Ask
On the way back, we stopped for a bite at Ask, an Italian restaurant we'd passed many times to date. We started out with an amazing antipasti tray, followed by bean soup for Tea and spaghetti amatriciana for me; I was sold on the latter the moment I walked into the restaurant and spied its enormous advertisement, highlighting Davina McCall's charity. Well, the whole meal was incredible, knocking out Zizzi's for the best Italian in town; quite an accomplishment.

Now we're home watching the ladies' Super G; so many DNFs! Tomorrow's ski cross. Should be awesome!

Our amazing spread at Ask. Yum!
PS: to all those scratching their heads at the title of this post, Remington Snatch Trio is a side-project of the awesome Canadian powerhouse, Mullet Rock. Check 'em out!


  1. Doesn't it, though! And it really was that good! Was sayin' to Tea, "They should pay us for that advertisement. I wanna eat it all over again, just lookin' at that." :-)