Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bibury: sleepy wee lambs and a bit o' the sacrilege

Arlington Row in Bibury
We took it easy this morning -- havin' a lie in, as they'd say here -- listening to the area getting ready for the Gold Cup race week, and reading in the sunshine. I've just started The World According To Garp -- I save up Irving's novels as treats for myself, afraid to waste them by reading too many back to back -- and Tea must've read two or three books in the time it took me to finish Waterland.

After a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans -- the best part, according to Tea -- and toast, we set out for Bibury, one of the most beautiful towns in the Cotswolds, popular opinion has it. Well, it didn't disappoint, from the much-photographed cottages of Arlington Row to the fields filled with sleepy wee lambs.

The Keepers Arms
We'd planned to stop in Coln St. Aldwyn, at the halfway point of the walk, but got turned about and end up in Quenington. Well, The Keepers Arms soon fixed us up, with a pint of the 'sacrilege' -- half 'n' half of St. Austell's Tribute and Butcombe Bitter, a travesty in the eyes of CAMRA members I'm sure, hence its nickname -- and some fish 'n' chips. The bartender called us brave for sitting outside, 'til Tea told him we were Canadian, to which he replied, "Oh, it's tropical then." This set us up as the butt of a few jokes when we did eventually go inside to eat.

See why we get lost? :-)
We almost got lost (again) on the way back, coming upon the path we'd taken to Quenington. We thought about taking that 'safe' path back to Bibury, but in the end we backtracked to where we thought we'd gone wrong, and so got to take in a picturesque old mill and the Bibury Court Hotel beside it -- pictures really can't do that place justice.

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The Bibury Court Hotel
Snow drops and crocuses

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