Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 1, Part 1

Central Bus Station, Heathrow
We've arrived! The flight was uneventful, save for some bumpy circling over our destination. An espresso for me and a smoothie for Tea fixed us up as we waited for the coach to Cheltenham.

Despite barely sleeping on the flight -- we made up some time in the air, so they served breakfast early -- I was craning my neck this way and that as the coach pulled out on to the M4 motorway, drinking in the sites. Tea didn't get many winks either, between the cramped seats and my pointing out sheep to her -- I wasn't brave enough to suggest she count them. I must've closed my eyes at one point, though, because I woke to the driver announcing that we'd reached our first stop on the route: Swindon.

The second stop was Cirencester; quite a bit a road work going on there, providing opportunities for many snaps.

Outside Cheltenham
Finally, we're just outside Cheltenham. No idea what this little building was for, but it reminded me of the reading I've done on Mongolian yurts; totally out of place in the English countryside by my reckoning, and awesome for that very reason.

Time for a little cat-nap at Willoughby House, then it's out for some groceries before an early night. Big day tomorrow: five appointments! Wish us luck!

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