Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 3

From Day 3

We both woke up around 3 a.m. this morning, for no apparent reason. Tea says the time change is kicking our butts. I took some photos just before sunrise -– which is well before 5 a.m. these days, incredibly -– and then went back to sleep with an abandon born of accomplishment; ah, a fine hunt it was.

We took it easy for most of the afternoon as well. The approval process for the tenancy agreement seems to be going well: a few clauses have been modified upon request, and there are no red flags. Should that trend continue, this will all be tied up neatly by Thursday. Tea also spoke with our future landlady, who seems very nice and extremely accommodating.

Then it was time to venture out. We'd learned that Everest Tandoori and Balti House -– an Indian restaurant that came highly recommended –- has a buffet on every Tuesday and Thursday, and so made our way down there. Along the way, Tea decided that we should have a photo contest of sorts. Check out our albums and comment on your favourites:
Day 3 - Tea

Day 3 - Jae

There was still a good ten minutes to opening when we arrived at Everest, and there were a number of couples waiting out front. What followed was a superb meal; the best Indian food we've had. Kingfisher on tap, naan to the table, and the most incredible tandoori chicken. We'll definitely be eating there again before this trip is through.

UPDATE: Just got back from pints at The Bayshill with some friends, and then chatted with family on Skype for an hour. Great fun!

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  1. At last! A new blog! I must of checked a dozen times today. A picture contest, great idea. I'll send my pick a little later, they both look great, however, there were a couple I need to choose between. Hope you're having a fabulous time. Nancy