Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 1, Part 2

Well, that was probably a bit long for a cat-nap. Tea was completely out of it when I went to check on her. I heard, "Who's bed is this?" coming from the bedroom, and before I was even out of my seat in the living room, she followed with a mournful, "I - don't - know." And she remembers none of it.

Then it was off to the Co-operative for some essentials, like semi-skimmed milk, and wine; oh, and bread and jam. (Tea's just reminded me about her Nutella -- in the glass jar -- as well; a breakfast of champions awaits us, to be sure.) It was pouring by this time, but I'd bet the soles of our shoes were almost dry by the time we made it up to our apartment; Tea said she felt like Rapunzel as she crested the 65th step.

Outside our apartment

Then it was back out in the elements in search of supper. Boy, if crossing the road involves some presence of mind normally, it's downright scary from the depths of a hood in the pouring rain! But we made it to Zizzi in one piece. (Well, two pieces, I guess.)

At Zizzi; that's the kitchen behind me

Outside the apartments with our take-away

The view outside our kitchen window
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