Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 6, Part 2

And it's a wrap! Everything's been approved and signed. Big relief (for me, anyway; Tea's been a cucumber throughout). Tea then spent the next few hours in shops with cute or trendy names like Frankie Doodle and Pod.

We came back to the apartment for a fry-up of our leftovers from Golden Mountain -- dee-lish -- and we're now planning our evening. Three random facts we exchanged while doing so that might be of interest:
  1. The emergency phone number here is 999;
  2. Clinics are called surgeries here -- and that's a valid definition in the dictionary, believe it or not -- which makes for funny names like Crescent Bakery Surgery (no joke!);
  3. The ingredients list for Maynards Wine Gums includes stinging nettles! Cripes, I didn't even eat those as a kid, and I ate some bizarre stuff from lawns and fields in my day.


  1. Surgeries? I knew that! I believe, if my British fiction memories serve, that's what politicians call their access time for constituents.

    Congrats, on the home front!!

  2. Show-off! Yes, I believe there's even something called political surgeries.