Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 8: London

As some of you know, Saturday night was a late one for us, making the 1030 coach to Heathrow seem that much earlier. But we made it to the bus station -- walking this time, now that we had the town down -- with plenty of time to spare, and we were in prime tourist form as we arrived at the airport: the hotel hopper wasn't around, so we immediately hailed a taxi to the hotel; we were grabbing the hopper back to Heathrow (and the Underground), having checked in and dropped our bags in the room, as another couple who'd come in from town with us was just getting off it. No moseying for me that day!

Then it was down to the Underground, where we bought day passes -- Heathrow is in Zone 6, so there's no saving money by getting a pass for the core a.k.a. Zone 1 -- grabbed some tube maps and minded the gap as we headed to the city. A little over a half hour later, I had the first of many surreal experiences as we emerged from the Knightsbridge tube station to the sound of a steelpan; combined with the warm weather, I could've sworn we'd just arrived at our first port of call on a Caribbean cruise. It was fantastic!

I'm currently working on a Google map of our walk; I'll embed photos in it, etc. It'll be great. But, as I promised a post within 24 hours of getting home, I'll include a slideshow of our Day 8 and Day 9 photos in the meantime. Enjoy!

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